"Our living body and all living beings respond to subtle vibrations that affect us all"

Rāga Days at Poulstone Court


It may seem an obvious statement to say that we are affected by our environment and that we in turn affect it.


However, this relationship is more profound and intimate than we realise. Ayurveda would say that we are a microcosm of the outer macrocosm. We are composed of a combination of the elements earth, water, fire, and air. As is the universe. We are born of a constitution that is our unique blend of the elements. This is subject to constant change by many factors such as our emotions, diet and climate. Ayurveda teaches us how to use nature to restore our bodies to their natural constitution.


Indian Rāga is a melody that is improvised by the musician based on a series of rules that relate to each particular Rāga. A Rāga is associated and therefore played or sung at particular seasons and times of day as each Rāga is said to enhance a particular quality. Ancient texts say that the 72 parent Rāgas control the 72000 Nadis or energy channels in the human body. Rāga taps into the existing harmonics of the universe and enhances or diminishes particular vibrations.


All are clues that our living body and all living beings respond to subtle vibrations that
affect us all.


We are intricately connected to nature. An imbalance in nature will affect us, and collectively, our imbalances will compromise nature. There are universal laws and for us to thrive we need to understand and work with them.


Many traditions worship the earth. Celtic spirituality strongly understood reverence to nature. Shamans express immense gratitude and love for all that nature provides. There is a growing body of knowledge that food is our medicine. Our diet can affect our health. Even pharmaceutical companies have looked to nature for profit.


We need to be in tune with nature. To accomplish that, we need to learn about nature, to grow plants, to cook using real foods, feed and care for animals and to study the earth’s natural phenomena. Like a Rāga we need to tune into the spirit of nature, and to amplify or diminish certain notes at particular moments of our day. We need to harmonise with the universe. We need to appreciate our unique gifts in this human form to realise that alliance.