"Food is nature's offering, may you be nourished by it and may you nourish
the world"

-Bhagavad Gita 4:24

The Food


The food is vegetarian, delicious and plentiful!


“Brahmārpaṇaṃ brahmahaviḥ, brahmāgnau, brahmaṇāhutam brahmaiva tena gantavyam

Brahmakarmasamādhina, om viṥvātmapriyatām”


The recipes at Poulstone Court Retreat Centre have been developed over a period of twenty five years. They are hugely popular, so much so that Poulstone has now its own recipe book. Poulstone also caters for vegan and gluten free diets. We have a large organic kitchen garden and when available, we use the harvest from our gardens in the kitchen. Many of our pudding recipes use the fruit crops harvested from the organic gardens.

Poulstone is developing its own philosophy on food. The food should satisfy all your senses. It must taste good, look good, feel good, sound good and smell good. Wherever possible, the food will be organic, locally sourced, dishes made from natural ingredients free of processed products and cooked and served with sanctity.


Breakfast is self-service usually with muesli, dried fruit, yoghurt, toast and spreads, orange juice, tea, herbal teas and coffee.


Lunch is homemade soup or a hot savoury dish with delicious salad combinations and dressings. Dinner is a substantial main course with dessert.


Cakes are also served on request in the afternoon tea break.


Food is served in our main dining room with larger groups also using the small dining room which is adjacent to the tea bar.


Special Diets


We can cater for most special diets and try do our utmost to offer a delicious alternative for those on restricted diets.